Sunday, July 1, 2012

Don't You Give Up !

Persistance. Just a word at a glance, however, once put into action can result in reaching a goal. Case in point, I applied for a position the early part of April, 2012. At first, all looked good; initial interview followed by an observation days later. Then nothing.

This position held significance for me as it meant helping at risk youth to discover positive alternatives to life. A week went by and still nothing.

At this point I began to call diligently every week, on the same day. The gal in human resources soon new me on a first name basis, yet no second interview, nothing.

 Last week I made my weekly call, with the typical response of "we'll keep you on the available and interested list". Upon hanging up the phone and 3 digits into my next follow-up call, the phone rang. It was my good friend from human resources! She emphatically said to me, "Laura, we need to get you up here for a second interview". The rest is history. Upon clearance of pre-employment red tape, I will soon have my start date. Did I mention it was June 24th when I got the news!

Moral of this story.... DON'T GIVE UP! Too many of us get discouraged, followed by depression, in turn leads us to darkness. You matter, you count, you're loved and you're worthy! Keep you're faith, and the rest will follow.

Laura Papke

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